PUBLIC INSTITUTION “World of Art and Education"


The highest values – sincere cooperation of creative people nurturing love to humans, art, harmonious environment as well as unlimited space for the artist’s conversation with nature and own unique world.


To set face towards creative people, convey accumulated knowledge and practical experience, develop and educate new generations, protect and revive the identity of the nation, and raise public awareness by disseminating high-quality, morally healthy approach to intangible heritage.

We are united by

  • simple philosophy (relationship between humans and nature)
  • objective to be put into practice (protection of ethnic culture, dissemination of national heritage)
  • understandable desire (revival of national identity)
  • inevitable aspirations (create entrepreneurship through art and allow art to entrepreneurship)

Objectives and tasks of the INSTITUTION:

  • To search for talented young performers
  • To become an attractive space and be integrated faster into the map of Lithuania’s cultural tourism
  • To promote the art entrepreneurship
  • To motivate young people to enjoy the creative process and results
  • To develop a harmonious relationship between inner freedom and responsibility of younger generation
  • To save the spiritual and intellectual heritage of the Lithuanian nation
  • To draw the attention of music and art schools to the relationship between the  performance of teachers and level of the students’ creative artistic achievement
  • To develop, organize, and carry out projects of cultural, educational, and social communication activity
  • To carry out the functions of providing opportunities for public employment, artistic expression, physical development, criminal activity prevention, integration into society of citizens refusing addiction, development and realization of creative and physical abilities
  • To develop cooperation with Lithuanian and foreign persons and international organizations by arranging cultural, educational, and sports development projects
  • To organize, service, and conduct conferences, seminars, workshops, and cultural events seeking crime prevention and public safety
  • To get support
  • To grant funds for charity and support

VŠĮ Meno ir švietimo pasaulis To achieve these objectives, Public body ``WORLD OF ART AND EDUCATION``

  • publishes methodological materials
  • carries out international and innovative social development projects as well as experience sharing programs
  • carries out the programs of availability of information and communication
  • accumulates, summarizes and disseminates existing experience of working with people with limited lifewear, methodological tools, information on new forms, methods and instruments
  • cooperates with other public institutions and organizations with objectives that are closely related to the objectives of PI „AEP“
  • collects and provides people with limited lifewear and their family members with social, psychological, educational, and other information
  • provides recommendations and proposals to the competent authorities on the community-based service needs and improvement of social service quality
  • implements various projects to ensure a comprehensive integration of the people with limited lifewear and their family members into the society

Public body ``WORLD OF ART AND EDUCATION`` cooperates closely with:

  • Educational and scientific institutions (universities, colleges, research institutions, training institutions, education institutions, non-formal education schools, education support institutions, etc.)
  • Non-governmental organizations (associations, communities, trade unions, charity and support funds, public institutions, religious organizations, etc.)
  • Public health and medical treatment centres (dispensaries, medical stations, health centres, primary health care centres, sanatoriums, rehabilitation centres, private medical institutions, etc.)
  • State institutions (ministries, departments, Lithuanian Job Centre, embassies, etc.)
  • Municipalities and established municipal bodies